New PDF release: Ancient Egyptians at Play: Board Games Across Borders

By Alex de Voogt, Walter Crist, Anne-Elizabeth Dunn-Vaturi

ISBN-10: 147422119X

ISBN-13: 9781474221191

The wealthy background of Egypt has supplied well-known examples of board video games performed in antiquity. every one of those video games offers facts of touch among Egypt and its neighbours. From pre-dynastic rule to Arab and Ottoman invasions, Egypt's prior is seen on video game boards.

This quantity begins via introducing the reader to board video games in addition to tools of likelihood and is going directly to hint the background and distribution of historic Egyptian video games, taking a look really at how they express touch with different cultures and civilizations. online game practices, that have been additionally a part of Egyptian rituals and divination, travelled through the jap Mediterranean. This e-book explores the function of Egypt in accepting and disseminating video games in the course of its lengthy historical past. during the last few years, the level and the modes of touch became higher understood via museum and archival learn tasks in addition to surveys of archaeological websites in Egypt and its surrounding areas. the consequences let new perception into historical Egypt's diplomacy and the position of board video games study in figuring out its extent.

Written through 3 authors identified across the world for his or her services in this subject, it will be the 1st quantity on historic Egyptian video games of its variety and a much-needed contribution to the sphere of either Egyptology and board video games reports.

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It is never shown in playing scenes, and only a few examples of the game or its pieces have been found from archaeological contexts. Men may also appear in the painting in the tomb of Hesy-Re. While the three games appearing in this painting are not identified by name, mehen and senet are immediately recognizable from later boards and inscriptions, but the third is never depicted elsewhere, so it is inferred to be a board for the game men based on its inclusion in the list of Rahotep. No other games dating to the Old Kingdom have been identified by name, and the archaeological evidence suggests mehen, senet and men were sometimes included together in funerary equipment, and so it is likely the third game depicted in the tomb of Hesy-Re is men.

Another game is named forty-two and pool by Petrie (1927:55). Found on a block of limestone at Memphis, this game board consists of three rows of fourteen drilled depressions, with one larger cup hole located to one side. Petrie interprets this game as having been played in a similar fashion to senet, and that the gameplay involved the taking of pieces, which were then stored in the large cup hole, though there is no evidence of the rules of this game. He goes on to suggest beans or chips of pottery were utilized as playing pieces, due to the small size of the depressions.

While, unfortunately, no mehen scene was preserved in the tomb of Iby, there were a considerable number of reliefs that did not survive (Davies 1902:11), and it is entirely possible the original mehen scene once existed in this tomb. Textual evidence There is little textual evidence on mehen to provide clues as to the rules of play for the game, or the settings in which it was played. Ꜥb k(w᾽ı ) mnh. k, “I am playing mehen against you” (Kendall 2007:40). In the tomb of Kaiemankh, the caption may indicate some events in the play of the game.

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