Análisis químico cuantitativo by Daniel C. Harris ; traductor, Alain Quere PDF

By Daniel C. Harris ; traductor, Alain Quere

ISBN-10: 9706250034

ISBN-13: 9789706250032

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Marisombra is the student from the capital. 49 The former turned out to be a girl called Teresa León Battiens (also known as Teresa Vázquez), to whom Neruda would refer affectionately as ‘Terusa’; the latter was Albertina Rosa Azócar, sister of Neruda’s close friend, poet Rubén Azócar, whom he met at the Pedagogical Institute in 1921. As his one hundred and four surviving letters to her eloquently attest, Albertina was the grande passion of Neruda’s early years, and he remained in love with her – 39 intermittently, at least – throughout his time on consular duty in the Far East (see chapter Two), continuing to pursue her even after he had returned to Chile in 1932 as a married man.

Aquí, la zona de mi corazón, Llena de llanto helado, mojada en sangres tibias. Desde él, siento saltar las piedras que me anuncian. 43 [. ] Todo de sueños vastos caídos gota a gota. 55 I make my arms turn like two wild windmill sails . . In the midst of the night, the blue, metallic night. Towards where rocks and stones don’t venture, and return. Towards where the dark fires mingle and fuse. At the foot of the walls that the immense wind envelops. Rushing on towards death like a cry towards its echo.

His poetry turned in upon itself, recording complete disgust with existence, an increasingly morbid preoccupation with death and with the passage of time, and a progressive disintegration of the world picture. 46 Neruda mirrored its collapse in a studied disintegration of poetic form. The organizing principle of the resulting poems lies in his emotional response to chaos. Each text becomes a series of indirect approximations to a clear statement, ebbing and flowing as the response to the central theme alters.

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Análisis químico cuantitativo by Daniel C. Harris ; traductor, Alain Quere

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