An intoduction to heraldry by H.Clark PDF

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Книга An intoduction to heraldry An intoduction to heraldryКниги Нумизматика, каталоги Автор: H.Clark Год издания: 1866 Формат: djvu Страниц: 386 Размер: 12 Язык: Русский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Старинная книга поосновам геральдики

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Ah6 because 16 ... f5! is a strong reply. 'ifc2 ~f6 Threatening ... lLlg4. ~bd2 gb8 Black has excellent compensation. a4 ftla6! 9... lLla2? lLlxc4 White cannot do much against the knight coming to c2, so he tries an exchange sacrifice. 14 ... 1Lld2 Axe5+) 19 ... + 12... ih6 abc 8 e f g h White's last move weakened the b4-square, so the black knight immediately heads in that direction. e4 5 Other attempts also fall short: 4 3 2 1 d ~~~~~~~~~ abc d e f g h Here I found an interesting exchange sacrifice.

LLld4± White had the better chances in Badea - Manolache, Baile Tusnad 2005. lLlbd2 ~ac8. 12 ... j,d7! lLlc3 ~ac8looks great for Black, since the c4-pawn becomes a serious target. 13 ... ~ac8 White might obtain a slight pull after immediate simplifications: 13 ... VNc7!? exd4 b6 also looks reasonable for Black. ,ixd4 ,ic6, as he manages to neutralize the pressure along the h l-a8 diagonal. 16... b5! ixB Eid6 Despite the two bishops providing some compensation, White is fighting to equalize. EifellLle8 Black will continue with ...

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