Thaddeus J. Kowalski's An Artificial Intelligence Approach to VLSI Design PDF

By Thaddeus J. Kowalski

ISBN-10: 089838169X

ISBN-13: 9780898381696

Publication by way of Kowalski, Thaddeus J.

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Typically, a package is used for: • • T)pe and subtype declarations • COlstant declarations • Filedeclarations • • • • Globtl signal declarations Compolent declarations • Use clauses Fmction and procedure declarations Alias leclarations Attribue specifications 12 Chapter 1: Introduction to VHDL Package is created to store common subprograms, data types, constants and compiled design interfaces that will be used in more than one design. This strategy promotes the reusability. A package consists of two separate design units: the package header, which identifies all of the names and items, and the optional package body, which gives more details of the named item.

More detailed insight to the use of VHDL operators will be covered in the later sections through a number of example designs. 4 Basic Data Types VHDL allows the use of variety of data types, from scalar numeric types, to composite arrays and records, or file types. In the preceding chapters we have introduced the basic data types and objects supported by VHDL. particularly: • signals. that represent interconnection wires that connect component instantiation ports together • variables. that are used for local storage of temporary data visible only inside a process, and • constants, that are used to name specific values All these objects can be declared using a type specification to specify the characteristics of the object.

It has only two possible values, '0' and '1', that are usually used to represent logical 0 and 1 values in a digital system. The following example uses bit data type to describe the operation of a 2-to-4 decoder: entity decoder2t04 is port (a: in bit; b: in bit; dO: out bit; dl: out bit; d2: out bit; d3: out bit) end decoder2t04; architecture concurrent of decoder2t04 is 36 Chapter 2: VHDL - Language Basic Elements begin dO <= 1 when dl <= I when d2 <= I when d3 <= I when end concurrent; b = '0' b = '0' b = 'I' b = 'I' and a = '0' and a ='I' and a ='0' and a ='I' else else else else '0'; '0'; '0'; '0'; The bit data type supports logical and relational operations.

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