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Crammed with eye-popping images and much out proof, all of the questions you'll ever ask concerning the animal nation are responded during this extraordinary family members reference.

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They can scuttle toward their burrows at 9 mph (15 km/h), zigzagging as they go. Ghost crab animal, but can overheat if it runs for more than 40 seconds. The second fastest is the pronghorn—a North American antelope. Pronghorns have unusually big hearts, and special blood that delivers lots of oxygen to their muscles to keep them working hard for longer. n The world’s fastest fish is the sailfish. Over a short distance, it can reach a speed of 60 mph (100 km/h)— as fast as a cheetah on land. n Squid can power along at up to 25 mph (40 km/h).

52 How do gibbons move through trees? Gibbons are nature’s trapeze artists, with an amazing way of getting from place to place. Using their hands like hooks, they swing from branch to branch, and from tree to tree. ” This way of moving is very efficient, because the gibbon’s body works like a clock’s pendulum swinging to and fro. Q How fast can birds fly? In level flight, ducks and geese are A the world’s fastest birds. But the fastest bird of all is the peregrine falcon. It attacks other birds by diving at them in midair.

A seal starts its breathing holes early in winter, just as the ice starts to form. As the ice thickens, the seal works hard to keep the holes open. By the time winter ends, the holes can be nearly 7 ft (2 m) deep. 46 Short, bristly feathers cover the penguin like a jacket Stubby legs partly covered by feathers Q Which animal has the warmest fur? A Sea otters have the thickest and Fur changes to white in winter warmest fur in the world. Just one otter has nearly a billion hairs. These hairs are so densely packed that water cannot get between them to wet the otter’s skin.

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