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In terms of pinpointing the things you actually need to grasp, not anyone does it higher than CliffsNotes. This quick, potent instructional is helping you grasp center algebraic suggestions -- from monomials, inequalities, and analytic geometry to capabilities and adaptations, roots and radicals, and observe difficulties -- and get the very best grade.
At CliffsNotes, we're devoted to assisting you do your most sensible, regardless of how difficult the topic. Our authors are veteran academics and proficient writers who understand how to chop to the chase -- and nil in at the crucial info you want to be triumphant.

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Example 2: Find the intersection. {1, 2, 3} + {3, 4, 5} = {3} The intersection of a set with members 1, 2, 3 and a set with members 3, 4, 5 is a set with only member 3. Variables and Algebraic Expressions A variable is a symbol used to denote any element of a given set—often a letter used to stand for a number. Variables are used to change verbal expressions into algebraic expressions. Example 3: Give the algebraic expression. F 38 4/27/01 9:37 AM Page 38 CliffsQuickReview Algebra I ■ Key words denoting addition: sum plus more than greater than larger than gain increase enlarge rise grow ■ Key words denoting subtraction: difference minus lose less than smaller than fewer than decrease drop lower diminish reduced ■ Key words denoting multiplication: product multiplied by times twice of ■ Key words denoting division: quotient divided by ratio half Evaluating Expressions To evaluate an expression, just replace the unknowns with grouping symbols, insert the value for the unknowns, and do the arithmetic.

F 34 4/27/01 9:37 AM Page 34 CliffsQuickReview Algebra I Chapter Checkout Q&A 1. –12 + 9 = 2. (–2)(–3)(6) = 1+2= 4 3 25 3 4. # 5 36 = 1 1 5. 5 ' 2 = 5 6 3. - 1 6. Change to decimal: 8 7. 8 8. 15 is what % of 60? 9. (3 × 10 )(2 × 10 ) = 4 8 5 4. 5 5. 12 or 2 2 6. 125 7. 8 8. 25% Answers: 1. –3 2. 36 3. 12 9 12 5 5 12 9. F 4/27/01 9:37 AM Page 35 Chapter 3 TERMINOLOGY, SETS, AND EXPRESSIONS Chapter Check-In ❑ Set theory ❑ Algebraic expressions ❑ Evaluating expressions nderstanding the language of algebra and how to work with algebraic expressions will give you a good foundation for learning the rules of U algebra.

54 = 49 50 Important equivalents that can save you time Memorizing the following can eliminate computations. 50 = 350% Percent A fraction whose denominator is 100 is called a percent. The word percent means hundredths (per hundred). So 37% = 37⁄100 Changing decimals to percents To change decimals to percents, 1. Move the decimal point two places to the right. 2. Insert a percent sign. 85 = 185% Changing percents to decimals To change percents to decimals, 1. Eliminate the percent sign. 2. Move the decimal point two places to the left (sometimes, adding zeros will be necessary).

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