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By Paul K. Feyerabend

ISBN-10: 8883585283

ISBN-13: 9788883585289

Questo libro di Feyerabend costituisce una dura sfida al razionalismo scientifico che sta alla base degli ideali occidentali di "progresso" e di "sviluppo", le cui conseguenze sono dannose sul piano sociale ed ecologico sono ormai largamente riconosciute.

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The question today, after a delay of more than half a century, is whether, in transitioning to a new era, Italians threw out the baby with the bath water. Was there not something worth preserving of a philosophical movement that originated in the Risorgimento and whose contribution to the formation of an Italian intellectual identity was paramount and, ultimately, indelible, despite its late collaboration with the regime? Italians have only recently begun to ask this question, having now realized that the long era of deprovincialization (essentially an unconditional embrace of philosophical currents spawned by Heidegger in Germany and France) contributed little to strengthen the currency of Italian thinkers on the international market.

He felt that humanism was merely a phase in the history of rhetoric, and starting in 1946, he began insisting that this intellectual movement had no relevance to philosophy. ’41 For his part, Garin emphasized ever more staunchly over the course of his career that the philological and rhetorical practices of Quattrocento humanists carried within them, to different degrees, a new approach to philosophy and man. He wrote: “Very far from and in opposition to the interpretation dear to Kristeller of a Renaissance humanism as a substantially grammatical fact .

Students of Italian philosophy have long been aware that idealism’s preeminence was ephemeral and that it underwent a slow process of ‘dissolution’ in the interwar period, and yet they still struggle to shake off a dichotomous characterization of Italian thought, one that would split it neatly between a totally provincial out27. Michele Ciliberto, Figure in chiaroscuro: Filosofi a e storiografi a nel Novecento (Rome: Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura, 2001), 3. 28 The year, of course, marks a watershed in European politics; at the same time it also closely follows the death of the nation’s most prominent Hegelian, Giovanni Gentile.

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