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Te vA a 8 p r ! Give each player a pencil so when they match a picture they can tick it off their card. To play again, just rub out the pencil ticks. Words on plates Look at a licence plate. You’ll notice that there are three letters in a row on it. When you are on the road, pick a car, look at the licence plate, and race each other to make a word out of the three letters. The letters must stay in the same order but the word can be as short or long as you like. Watch out, some letter combinations are really difficult!

To make it sparkle you need a very clean glass jar with a screwtop lid. Use a strong glue – not a glue that will dissolve in water. The mixture should be like thick cream – not runny. Add more water or plaster until it’s right. 1 Stir in the water Glue the toy to the inside of the lid. Fill a jar just over halfway up with water. Screw-top glass jar Glycerine Glycerine can be bought in chemists. It is thick and helps the glitter to move in the water. Leave the glue to set. Plastic or ceramic toy Glitter Strong glue 3-D Scenes These 3-D pictures are made out of layers of paper, with a wedge stuck between each layer to give the 3-D effect.

Take small stones and paint them to look like delicious creamy cakes. Acrylic paint is thick and waterproof so it is perfect for painting pebbles. Paint it straight onto the pebble – you may need two coats of paint for a perfect finish. Apply the first coat and wait for it to dry. Wash your brush out between colours. Rings and things Rings Brooch back Make your pebbles and shells into precious jewellery. You will find ring bases and claws for pendants in local craft shops. Use strong glue to attach them.

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