New PDF release: 1.d4, Volume 2 (Grandmaster Repertoire, Volume 2)

By Boris Avrukh

ISBN-10: 1906552339

ISBN-13: 9781906552336

Grandmaster Repertoire is a brand new sequence of top of the range chess books in keeping with the most strains, written through robust grandmasters. the purpose is to supply the reader with an entire repertoire at a degree more than enough for elite tournaments, and positively additionally for the membership championship. Grandmaster Repertoire presents a repertoire to final an entire life. best GM Boris Avrukh charts a direction in the direction of a bonus with 1.d4. Avrukh is used to dealing with the easiest avid gamers on this planet. during this publication he offers a stronger model of the repertoire that increased him to the head 50, focussing on major traces with a kingside fianchetto. 1.d4 quantity covers the King's Indian, Dutch, Grunfeld, numerous Benonis, Benko, Budapest Gambit and different minor openings.

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TtJc3 the a4-pawn becomes a serious weakness. ltJh3 Black has also tried: 1 6 . . axb4 l:%fe8 Black's main problem is that exchanging both pairs of rooks is not an ideal solution: 1 7 ... l:%xa 1 l:%a8 This was recommended by Tisdall in ChessBase Magazine 68. c5! and the positional idea of cutting off Black's bishop from the game by c5-c6 is very unpleasant. Of course the trick is that ... dxc5 (at any point) will be hit by d5-d6. Let's follow this line as far as possible: 20 ... �xe5 We reach a queen ending with 4 pawns versus 3.

Fie7]) 1 Uhc1 White's position is preferable, and now Black's best try is: 1 1 . ttJf3 White had a slight but lasting advantage in Tukmakov - Reshevsky, Vilnius 1 97B. cxbS White had a clear positional advantage in Tukmakov - Onischuk, Donetsk 1 99B. A22) 8 . lik3 . 9 . d5 e5 has been examined in line Al 1 via the B . . d6 move order. 9 ... cxd5 ttJxd5 (the more popular 1 1 . dS 1 1 . a3 White's advantage was obvious in Tatai Kopec, London 1 97B. )::\ acl lba6 I found the following line quite interesting: 1 2 .

Dl lZ:le8 White has mobilized his pieces optimally, so now is the right moment to push the b-pawn. d7 A couple of other moves are worth mentioni ng in passing: 20 ... a4!? but the game move is good enough) 2 1 .. �b4 White was obviously better in C. Horvath - Sulc, Pula 1 995. 20 ... d7 was played in Killer Wehbrink, e-mail 2002. Now I did not manage to und the reason White refrained from the Chapter 4 - 4 . cxb5 with unpleasant pressure. b5 White combines pressure along the d-file with activity on the white squares.

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